At RDX Fitness we focus on RESULTS (hence the name).  We offer the most highly efficient exercises ever created in a no nonsense, gimmick free environment.  The exercise routines that we design for you will suit your current fitness level, lifestyle, activity preferences and goals.  They will be properly paced and organized on a schedule you can realistically maintain over the long run. 

At RDX we specialize at helping you exercise smart as well as hard.  This will allow you to avoid the common mistakes that lead many people to choose the wrong workout program then find that they’re not getting the RESULTS they had hoped for.  We also offer sports-enhancement training to take your performance to a higher level.  Efficiency and results done safely are what RDX is all about.  We serve the areas of Westchester and Putnam Counties in New York as well as Southern Connecticut. 

About Vince Liguori

Shortly after receiving his honorable discharge from the military, Vince was fortunate enough to run into the "Godfather of Fitness" Jack Lalanne.  After a brief conversation and words of encouragement, Vince took Jack's advice and began his fitness career. 

It was the mid 1980's, and the fitness industry was about to explode.  As fitness grew and changed, so did Vince.  For almost three decades, he accumulated and created positive, safe and effective exercising techniques that have produced results for all of his clients.  Vince's gimmick-free no nonsense functional approach is a culmination of many different types of training with a strong emphasis on the Core.  He calls it 'Result Driven Exercise', or better known as RDX!